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Hair life India


NON SURGICAL HAIR REPLACEMENT We’ll design your hair system the way you want it. When you place your order in the meanwhile provide a photograph of yourself for the hairstyle you need, or Google some hairstyle we will design the same one for you. WANT TO MODIFY YOUR STYLE WHICH GOES UP WITH YOUR LOOK? No issues at all !!! You will have our full support. We will consult with u and at the same time will advice you weather the hairstyle look great on you or not. Our Hair Techs and Experts are Qualified Cosmetologists or Barbers and have successfully helped thousands of customers to get just the right look.

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Director of Hair life India with famous Gazal singer Mr. Pankaj Udhas at his home Mumbai
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68 ,Kankurgachi 2nd Lane 1st floor ,near kankurgachi railway bridge ,Kolkata-700054 ,INDIA,Kolkata,India-700054
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22.580133 88.390462 Hair life India 68 ,Kankurgachi 2nd Lane 1st floor ,near kankurgachi railway bridge ,Kolkata-700054 ,INDIA,Kolkata,India-700054